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Guide to Email Marketing Software Providers 

From - October 28, 1:56 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
Email marketing remains one of the most successful means of filling your sales pipeline with good prospects. Most business owners, will eventually reach the point where they need to utilise specific email marketing software programs, to become more effective at email marketing. As the choice of programs is wide, and the capabilities and costs vary greatly, an excellent guide such as that provided in this article can prove helpful.
How to Find and Connect With Top Prospects on LinkedIn 

From - October 26, 1:00 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
If your market is B2B, then LinkedIn is your pot of gold. Millions of business owners are members of LinkedIn, and LinkedIn has tools you can use, to identify the top prospects for your products or services. This article shows you exactly how to use these tools, to find top prospects, to whom you can direct your marketing.
Top Nine Attributes of Effective Websites

From - October 20, 6:11 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
Assuming that your business has a website, how effective do you think it really is, specifically in respect to achieving its objectives? If you are nor sure of the answer, do you know what makes a business website an effective tool? This article, which can be used to measure website effectiveness, identifies nine top attributes of an effective website.
Six Steps to Creating a Successful Infographic for Your Business 

From - October 17, 6:06 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
Infographics tick all of the boxes when it comes to online marketing essentials. If your business wants to get known and have your content more widely shared, then you should learn how to create your own business infographic. This article shows you how, in just 6 easy steps, you can create your own successful infographic.
9 Insightful Ways to Re-Purpose Old Content 

From - October 12, 5:45 PM
Daniel Watson's insight:
Once your business embraces content marketing as a key tool for lead generation, you will find yourself on the treadmill that is the process of feeding the content machine, and at some point you will struggle to find ideas for your next piece of content. Re-purposing old content is a great way to reduce the burden of creating content on a consistent basis. This article identifies nine ways that you can take content you have previously created, and turn it into fresh new content, without the level of effort required to produce new content from scratch.
10 Things You Need to Know about Search Engine Optimization 

From - October 10, 5:59 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
All of the Search Engine Optimisation work that you do for your website can be wasted if you have an outdated view of what works and what doesn't. These days the psychology of your audience plays a huge part in how your site will rate for searches conducted by your ideal clients/customers. This is a great article for all business owners trying to optimise their websites to rank higher in search engine results (numbers 4 and 5 are key elements for success).
Content Pillars: A Big Idea For Creating Potent Blog Content

From - October 27, 5:45 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
Creating content for online marketing endeavours is both difficult and time consuming. Any ideas that assist in creating potent blog content, and cut down on the time involved, is welcomed by busy business owners. The advice provided in this article is advice well worth taking, if you want your content to perform better, and you wish to spend less time creating it.
 30 Cloud Services for Small Business

From - October 25, 8:09 AM
If you're a small to midsize business (SMB) building out your IT services, then read this article to learn about services that can meet your needs, regardless of your company's economic or technological thresholds.
Daniel Watson's insight:
The productivity and profitability of any small business can be greatly affected by the tools they use and the associated costs of introducing the right tools to the business. The advent of cloud based computing, has led to an avalanche of online tools designed to assist businesses to be more successful in delivery of their products or services, and to reduce the associated costs significantly. This article discusses 30 of the best cloud services available, and is enlightening in the range of such services now available to business owners, at little cost.
10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Levels

From - October 18, 1:00 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
Increasing customer engagement with your Facebook Page posts, should be your primary aim, if you are using your page as a key element of your online marketing strategy. If you are like most business owners, you may be using two or three different ways to increase the engagement with your posts, where you should probably be utilising more to achieve better outcomes. This article provides 10 different ways to increase your Facebook Page engagement levels, with several of them being ways you may not be familiar with; monitoring your competitors pages possibly being one of these unfamiliar options.
11 Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses

From - October 13, 5:35 PM

Daniel Watson's insight:
From time to time, even the most prolific online marketers run out of ideas, so it is not surprising that many small business owners often struggle with maintaining a strong online publishing schedule. The reason many struggle, is that the ideas well dries up, and then motivation falls leading to less and less posting. If you have found yourself in this situation, the 11 ideas presented in this article, may help to get you up and posting again with greater frequency.
22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners

From - October 11, 5:31 PM
Daniel Watson's insight:
All business owners, and especially those involved in a startup venture, can benefit from tools that are designed to improve personal productivity.  If these tools are available online, and are provided at no cost, they are a godsend that business owners everywhere should be utilising in their day to day activities. The tools available in this list are provided by Google and there is something here for everyone (I like the cloud print tool in particular).
50 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

From - October 5, 5:59 PM
Daniel Watson's insight:
Your website should be the epicentre of your marketing endeavours, and for it to be effective as such, it needs to see a constant stream of visitors. It is in the best interest of your business, to do as much as possible to grow your website traffic, in the shortest time possible. This article provides a long list of smart ways you can go about driving more traffic to your business website.