**Jobson Energy Management is now known as The Energy Alliance.

We also provided business advice and administrative support to them during their rebranding process.


Daniel Watson recently provided Jobson Energy Management with 12 months of Rhodan Management Consultant's SME Business Transformation Services

The excellent relationship we established, and the business knowledge and management skills Daniel brought to the table, has resulted in Jobson Energy Management achieving far more in the last 12 months, than we would have ever thought possible.

Not only is my business now on track to achieve everything we ever wanted it to achieve but, with Daniel’s expert guidance, we have spun out a separate new business in partnership with another company; a business that has the previously unrecognised potential to achieve a much higher level of success than our existing, well established business.

Daniel’s expert advice and willing assistance has ensured that this new business, is already up and running, under a separate company structure.

On a personal level, Daniel has assisted me in so many ways to become a better business operator, a more focussed business owner, and a budding entrepreneur as well as an individual who now has an achievable overall plan that will deliver the future lifestyle, my family deserves.

I highly recommend Daniel to any SME Business Owner who is serious about transforming their business and developing themselves personally to become a better business owner and operator.

Craig Jobson                
General Manager