** Now known as the GPK Group and has, subsequent to our work with them, been a recipient of an award for being in the top 50 fastest growing IT businesses in Australia.

GPK Computers engaged Rhodan Management Consultants to work with us throughout 2011 to help develop, document and assist us to successfully implement a formal business plan

This plan was needed so that we would have a clear path to follow as part of the process of transforming our business into a serious player in our industry in Australia.

Thanks to Rhodan Management Consultants, we now have clarity around our vision for the company, and we possess a comprehensive plan, that we can systematically follow to achieve our business goals.

Daniel Watson acted as our allocated consultant throughout this period, and he was instrumental in helping us to fully understand the importance of working on our business, rather than in it.

Daniel's expertise and experience enabled him to customise our planning and ongoing accountability sessions to our individual skill levels and specific business requirements. This customisation ensured that we developed ownership of the process, and that the final plan, was one we would implement.

In addition to the consulting services provided, Rhodan Management Consultants also armed us with all of the tools that we will use to successfully implement our plans in the coming years.

Grant Klaaysen