** Business subsequently sold and new owners merged it into their existing business. 

In late 2010, we engaged the services of Rhodan Management Consultants and Daniel Watson to assist our new business get up and running and to reduce the risks involved in a start-up business

Daniel worked closely with us for 12 months assisting us to establish the sound base upon which our 14 month old business is now thriving.

The management skills, business acumen and consulting expertise that Daniel brought to our business proved to be invaluable. He worked effectively with us to create our first formal business plan, and set up the tasks and the systems to ensure that we had a road map to follow and the tools we needed to succeed.

As a direct consequence of Daniel’s involvement, Commercial Energy Brokers Australia is now firmly established and our business is in an excellent position to grow and achieve the ambitious goals we set down in one of our first meetings.

Daniel has also helped me personally to develop my skills as a new business owner and to clearly understand the difference between an employee and an employer mindset. He set up various tasks that helped me greatly to reset my thought patterns and decision making processes, thereby improving my effectiveness.

If the business activities you perform are not the right actions being undertaken at the right time in order to effectively achieve your business goals, or you know you are not using your time constructively 100% of the time, then Daniel can certainly help keep you focused on what you need to do to develop a strong foundation for your business, and effectively implement your plans to take it to the next level.

I highly recommend the services provided by Rhodan Management Consultants and Daniel in particular, to any SME business owner looking to build a successful business.

Nigel Daviot